Product Reviews and Testimonials

DX610 Reviews and Testimonials

Richard K. from NY

We’ve  been using your DX610 ultrasonic pest repellers in our company warehouse and they work great for controlling the mice and rats. Just purchased some for my home.

Mr. and Mrs. Burk

Ok, so I bought this January 2012 (didn’t realize how long ago I bought them)! I bought two of them, and they are still working…..

We own a dog, and this doesn’t bother him. The summer before I got these, we had huge spiders on our porch, these haven’t come back since then. Also I’ve noticed less spiders in the house. It does not bother us when we sleep. When these gadgets die, I will be buying these exact replacements.

We also live across the road from a corn field, and our neighbor on the left has a corn field too (and no, we have no cats). We’ve been through a couple of winters, and No Mice.

Rob D from Illinois

Hi! I’ve had great success with your mouse repellers. Now I’ve given so many away to deserving friends with rodent problems, I have to replenish my inventory. Thanks for a great product! These items are the answer!

Monique D from New York City

I just wanted to thank you for your great product and not deceiving the public with false advertising. I was skeptical about using this product at first, but figured I have nothing to lose. After using your Electronic Pest Control, I have not seen any mice or roaches in my home!

I would definitely recommend this product. You definitely have a recurring customer!!! If you would like to use this for your testimonials, you are more than welcome.

Bob G from Massachusetts

Purchased 2 of your DX610’s a month ago. Had mice in ceilings and walls and couldn’t get rid of them. Could hear them running around at night. Well, now they are gone. This product really worked! Also, haven’t seen anymore spiders or “pill” bugs.

Myrtice L from Florida

More DX610 Reviews and Testimonials

I recently bought one of these for my home – it works wonders getting rid of “Florida’s pests”! This order is for my Mother who lives in Georgia.

Joe J from Nevada

I live in Las Vegas, Nv. and in Vegas we have a water bug problem everywhere. I bought 2 of the DX-610 pest repellers and they work super. I put one on the back patio and the bugs are gone, I can’t believe how good it works. FIRST CLASS PRODUCT!

Desiree’ S. from California

I ordered 2 of the DX-610s for my grandparents home and they work great. Now that I have my own home, I am now purchasing 2 for myself. Thanks M.S. Global for this great product.

Mrs. Avis M. from Kansas

Your Pest-A-Repel product got rid of our rat problem in less than 2 weeks. We haven’t seen anymore ants either. Thanks

Mr. Robert K from GA

We have children crawling on the floor and were afraid to use chemicals to get rid of the ants and fleas. Your DX-610 product took care of the problem within a few weeks. It would have cost us over a hundred dollars to have an exterminator spray chemicals.

Susan P. from New York

We wanted to thank you for the DX-610 Pest-A-Repel. We bought two from your company six months ago. It has totally gotten rid of all of the roaches and mice.

Mrs. Charles F from IN

I HATE SPIDERS!!!! Thanks, your repeller product did the trick. I placed one in the kitchen and the other in the garage. We are buying two more for my parents house and my sons.

Gina W from Boston

Our pets bring in fleas and they are getting everywhere. The vet took care of the pets problem and your DX-610 took care of the fleas in our home. Good product.

Mini DOCTOR Reviews and Testimonials

Mrs. Arlene W. from Indiana

Please send me one of your Mini Doctors. I know it works because my chiropractor uses one. I’m 73 years old and this is better than medicine.

Mrs. Agnes K. from Iowa

I received my Mini Doctor in September and I am so pleased with it. It has helped me to sleep at night. My son tried it over Thanksgiving and wants one for himself. I also want one more. I think they are wonderful.

Mrs. Myrtle D. from Oklahoma

I have used my neighbors Mini Doctor for months and it is wonderful …. am sending for 2 more for myself and my husband.

Mr. and Mrs. George W. from Massachusetts

I had been taking pain pills for many years for my back problems. My friend gave me your Mini Doctor to try ….. It was great!

Betty F. from California

My husband and I play golf three times a week. At our age, everything hurts, but your Mini Doctor works miracles. My husband zaps his bad back and I use mine on my arthritis. Thank you! I think your product knocked a stroke or two off our game.

Kay A. from Connecticut

We love it! I gave one to my son for his wrist (computer programmer-carpal tunnel) and one to my sister for her headaches.

Mrs.Curtis F. from Montana

Please send me three more of your Mini Doctors – I use it a lot and don’t want to run out ….It’s quite effective.

Presto Purse Reviews and Testimonials

Jan from  Massachusetts

“This is the perfect purse organizer that will fit medium to larger handbags. Having the Velcro to remove half of the organizer makes it real handy whether its to lighten the load or to carry more items. If I’m shopping I often remove the half  I don’t need all the time just to make carrying my larger bag a little lighter. I love love love this purchase and is well worth the money paid for it and I will have it forever to use as needed.”

Sharon from Florida

“This is the best organizer I ever bought. I own 4 others but this one has the most pockets to hold items and the best overall design. It is perfectly sized for multiple glasses, credit cards, pens, makeup, you name it and there is a perfectly sized pocket. Its great that you can pull it apart also if needed.”

Sandy  E. from New York

I bought this for a purse that only has an inside shell. It is actually two inserts that can be split by Velcro. I use one part for my makeup and the other for credit cards, ID, etc. I like this organizer and will be able to use it in other purses and even when traveling in my suitcase.

Joyce B.

This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! I change purses daily to match the outfit and shoes, so now, all I have to do is lift out the organizer and switch it to the “purse of the day.” GREAT PRODUCT.