11 07, 2018

Steps to mouse proof your house and keep rodents away

July 11th, 2018|

Steps to mouse proof your houseRecently a customer asked us if we had any information on “steps to mouse proof your house” (response below also includes steps to rat or rodent proof a home as well).  This is what we sent him.  Last week another customer called us so we thought we would put the response in our blog.

Rodents, like mice and rats, are a problem year around, but this year, in particular, most of the country experienced one of the worse winters in decades. Unfortunately, with that you get mice and rats looking for a place to nest and searching for food and water. Your beautiful home looks like the best […]

8 06, 2017

What is the best way to keep mice and rats out of an RV?

June 8th, 2017|

best way to keep mice and rats out of an RVOne customer called us last month and asked what was the best way to keep mice and rats out of an RV. Said while his RV was stored for the winter, the rodents got into the engine compartment and interior and did over $3000 worth of damage.

Whether you’re trying to keep rats, mice, spiders, or roaches out of your RV, Motor home, or Camper, or trying to get rid of them once they have invaded, it’s pretty much the same process.

Our customer wanted to know specifically what our experience was with some of the recommended solutions that he […]

25 09, 2013

Stop Mice With Steel Wool

September 25th, 2013|


These are common household products that can be used for other things, like Stop Mice With Steel Wool, or temporarily patch cracks and small holes.

We shared this fun list with our customers several years ago, and the other day a long time customer called us and ask if we still had it available.  She had hers on her frig for many years but it mysteriously disappeared….

So here it is again.  MacGyver would be proud.

This is the essential ALL-Purpose Hardware Store, where everything you need is under one roof:


  1. Mask paint. Cover hardware or window panes with a thin film of jelly when painting. If you over brush, you can wipe the paint off easily.
  2. Prevent rust. Coat fishing rods, cooking […]
15 07, 2013

Hello Everyone!!!

July 15th, 2013|

Pest Control Blog - www.electronicpestcontrol.net.I am excited to introduce you to our newly redesigned website and first Pest Control Blog – www.electronicpestcontrol.net.

The website design and blog may be new, but we have had the pleasure of providing you with our innovative products, and at great prices, since 1990.

Our new Pest Control Blog -www.electronicpestcontrol.net is the best way I know to keep you up to date with:

  • Product promotions and sales
  • New product introductions
  • Press releases and articles
  • Latest News
  • Customer frequently asked questions

The Electronic Pest Repeller has been one of our most popular products for years so many of the questions we get are about the […]