“HOW TO GET RID OF MICE FAST” is the most frequently asked question we get.

Or can I use ultrasonic sound (plugins) to get rid of mice in my house. Below are the most common approaches for your home or business, along with our comments.

At the end are some things you can do outside your home as well as some additional things you can do on the inside to help get rid of mice, along with some great “How To” links, like steps to get rid of mice from a RV, and steps to  mouse proof your house.

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1. Electronic or Ultrasonic Plugins

This type of rodent device is used to treat the ENTIRE  home or business. Mice can travel up and down wall cavities and move from floor to floor which makes it easy for them to hide anywhere.

I love this approach for “how to get rid of mice and rats” because it is the EASIEST and FASTEST way to get rid of the rodents no matter where they are nesting or hiding.

The DX610 Pest-A-Repel (pictured) sound waves are tuned and programmed specifically to be quickly disruptive to mice, rats, and pests. It utilizes multiple sound patterns and frequencies so that rodents will not get use to the sound like the single sound devices.

HOW TO USE: For BEST and FASTEST results, place one unit (covers up to 2500 SF per floor) on EACH floor, including the attic, basement, and garage, as these areas are the easiest way for mice and rats to enter the home and hide.

Recommended Product for Mice Rats Norway Rat | Roof Rat | Roaches

2. Mouse Traps

Mouse Traps

Mouse traps come in 3 main categories, electronic, the standard wood spring loaded trap (pictured on left) that kills the prey, and the wire cage. They do a fairly good job in catching rodents, however, they can only catch one at a time and ONLY if they happen to be in that particular location.

Using traps in conjunction with an electronic pest repeller like the DX610 Pest-A-Repel can be a good approach. Your goal is to get rid of the mouse problem as fast as possible, and using multple options may be the best solution for “how to get rid of mice”.  JUST DON”T FORGET WHERE YOU PLACED THEM!

3. Mouse Glue Strips

We have had very little success with these products and if you read any of the reviews online…other users didn’t either.  One of the problems with these strips is that they have to be in the right location, along the travel path of the rodent and you will have to dispose of the rodent after it is caught. They are also an inhumane way to get rid of the mouse.

Your goal is to get the rodents out of your house BEFORE they start to nest. The electronic devices are best for that.

4. Poisons / chemicals of any kind

There are a lot of chemical products on the market (just walk down the isle at your local building center or hardware store to see all the different products) that will kill the rodent if the rodent eats the poison.

One of the major problems with using toxic chemicals is that if the rodent eats the bait and crawls back in the wall to die, the PUNGENT SMELL can last for months and stink up your whole house.

I would NEVER use these products around children or pets regardless of what “safe” claims  they make on the label.

5. Natural Predator

cat for mouse and rat control

Get a cat. They are natural hunters of rodents. We have two for the horse barn…mice love the hay and the feed. We also have several of the DX610 repellers around the barn. There are a lot less mice with the DX610 repellers but the cats still catch a few.

Owls are another natural predator for the outdoors. If you build or buy an owl house on a pole, owls will find it and nest there. We have done it sevaral times in different locations.

6. Peppermint Oil

Several websites suggested using peppermint oil on cotton balls and placing them around your home. When we tried this it didn’t work at all.

Even if this approach did work, you would need to be constantly soaking the cotton balls and know exactly where to place them. Since rodents can hide in the walls or anywhere in the house, they would just move a little further away, and again, you need to get the rodents out of your house BEFORE they start to nest.

7. Pest Control Companies

There are probably several pest control companies in your area. You can check online or the phone book for a list of these companies. Prices vary but they can be a little costly and they will try and sell you a monthly plan.

There are much cheaper approaches to rodent eradication, like the electronic pest repeller products which operate 24/7 – 365 days a year protecting your home (no need for a montly plan $$$).

8. Steps to get rid of mice – Some extra things you can do to keep rats and mice away.

  • Rodents enter into the house through small holes, cracks and crevices of walls and supporting structures. Steel wool makes a good temporary patch but for a more permanent repair, use a harder material like concrete or metal.

  • Cut the tall grasses and weeds around your home or office.

  • Sanitation is important to eliminate places where mice can find shelter. Any form of clutter near the house could serve as shelter for mice and thus cleaning out clutter-prone areas is a priority.

  • To ensure that mice do not find any place to stay, stacks of unused boxes or piles of trash should be removed or relocated.

  • Food is one of the reasons that mice come into your home and you should remove all food sources for mice.

  • Clean your house from top to bottom. The kitchen is the primary target for rodents as they can chew on various things and get into the pantry and contaminate food.

  • Secure all food items in your kitchen in rodent proof containers

  • Remove all clutter from counters

  • Do not allow food to be lying out in the kitchen

  • Fix leaky pipes immediately

  • Keep the counters and kitchen clean