Best price DX610 Pest-A-Repel

We all search for the best price on most things we buy.MSGLOBAL manufactures, designs, and distributes many of our products. Many products like the DX610 Pest-A-Repel are offered direct to the consumer which means that we can sell to you [...]

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What about using poisons, or traps?

Poisons: Not recommended. Besides being potentially dangerous around humans, and pets, rodents can bring the poison back to their nest (usually in the walls) and die. The smell from the dead rodent is very pungent and can last for several [...]

2013-09-13T16:17:37-07:00June 19th, 2013||

When can I expect results?

Every environment and application is different. For example, if the rodents are already nesting or if you have a very bad infestation problem, it may take a little longer. Some customers have had results in as little as an hour, [...]

2013-06-19T20:28:49-07:00June 19th, 2013||
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