How do I compare all of the different electronic pest control repellers on the market?

The decision is not as daunting as it seems. You just need a few points of comparison. Here is a list of considerations for you review.

  • FREQUENCY output. (40 – 45 K Hz) This is a highly effective output range. The auto-changing, high intensity frequencies and pulse sequences were designed to output at known auditory sensitivity ranges of pests, like rats, mice, and spiders.
  • SOUND WAVE ROTATION (uses variable sequences) This means that the rodents and insects will have a harder time getting used to the sound. It changes with different cycles and sequences. Most units have either no sound rotations or just one.
  • QUIETNESS (Ours is silent) Many of the other pest repellers have an audible beeping or constant humming that may drive you out of the house instead of the insects and rodents.
  • GUARANTEE (30 day $ back guarantee if you are not happy with the results for any reason) The majority of devices on the market today are sold by companies other than the actual manufacturer so they often do not stand by their products. We are a manufacturer!
  • SPEAKER (The DX610 has an angle of disbursement which maximizes sound bounce for wider coverage.)
June 19th, 2015|