How to get rid of mice from your home or business

Act quickly to get rid of mice as soon as the first signs appear.

Rodent infestation can pose a serious health risk due to the diseases that they can spread. Mice have the capacity to replicate and multiply at an exceedingly fast rate., It’s not long before they can take over an entire house. Often, the problem is difficult to detect, and doesn’t become apparent till it’s too advanced. Read below to see how to get rid of mice in your house.

Fastest, Best Way For How to Get Rid of Mice

Mice seek a quiet, safe, and protected area of your home to nest. Putting out poisons, traps, or powders, is not always possible, nor advisable, even if you know exactly where they are and can easily get to them. By far, the easiest, safest, and best way to get rid of mice in your house is by creating an uncomfortable environment for them using high frequency sound waves in the 40-45 K Hz range. This prevents them from being able to nest because it takes away the safe and quiet requirement for the nesting.

Preferred Choice of Homeowners and Businesses

The DX610 is a plugin electronic mice repeller for getting rid of mice, rodents and rats. Used worldwide in residential properties, it has also been a preferred choice of commercial users as well including:

  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Hospitals 
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Housing Associations
  • Office Buildings
  • Storage Warehouses

DX610 Pest Repeller Works!

We offer a 100% product satisfaction guarantee for getting rid of mice, rats, and other common household pests.

Our ultrasonic mice repeller sound waves are tuned and programmed specifically to be quickly disruptive to mice, rats, and pests. Some countries outside USA (Australia, UK, India, etc.) with a different electrical system can purchase the 220-240 V Round Pin Plugin Model (availabe at checkout).

Get the fastest and best results

We recommend that you plug in one DX610 per floor (one unit covers 2,000 – 2500 sf/ 180 square meters per floor). To prevent the mice from finding any new places to hide, we also recommend that you place units in the garage, attic, and basement as these areas are the easiest for the rodents to get into and hide.

Here are some additional things you can do to keep rats and mice away.

  • Rodents enter into the house through small holes, cracks and crevices of walls and supporting structures. Steel wool makes a good temporary patch but for a more permanent repair, use a harder material like concrete or metal.
  • Cut the tall grasses and weeds around your home or office.
  • Sanitation is important to elim) inate places where mice can find shelter. Any form of clutter near the house could serve as shelter for mice and thus cleaning out clutter-prone areas is a priority.
  • To ensure that mice do not find any place to stay, stacks of unused boxes or piles of trash should be removed or relocated.
  • Food is one of the reasons that mice come into your home and you should remove all food sources for mice.
  • Clean your house from top to bottom. The kitchen is the primary target for rodents as they can chew on various things and get into the pantry and contaminate food.
  • Secure all food items in your kitchen in rodent proof containers
  • Remove all clutter from counters
  • Do not allow food to be lying out in the kitchen
  • Fix leaky pipes immediately
  • Keep the counters and kitchen clean

DX610 Features

  • Safe for Pets – dogs, cats, birds, horses
  • State of the art technology and design
  • Auto changing sound and frequency outputs
  • Covers up to 2500 SF per floor
  • Dynamic pulse sequences for added efficiency
  • More effective than single sound output products
  • Durable – Long lasting
  • Provides protection 24/7, 365 days a year

Dx610 Pest A Repel Electronic Pest Control

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