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At MSGLOBAL, we work hard to deliver quality, affordable and innovative cutting edge products, like our best selling DX610 electronic pest repeller plugin, which uses multiple sound wave and impulse technologies. Some of our most popular products are showcased for you here on www.electronicpestcontrol.net.

Our DX610 Electronic Pest Repeller plugin product is a device that quickly drives out rodents and pests from your home or business. The Mini Doctor is a natural pain relief product, great for lower back pain and general aches and pains. A customer favorite, the Presto Purse is an Insert Purse Organizer with over 20 pockets to neatly organize any medium to large size purse.

Our Top Selling Products



DX610 electronic pest repeller plugin

The DX610 electronic pest repeller plugin uses advanced technology to remove rats, mice, and other common pests from your home, business, or RV / motorhome.

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Mini Doctor

Mini Doctor Natural Pain Relief Product

This pain relief product has been a customer favorite for years. A great alternative to the many back pain relief products in the market and it’s safe, effective, and drug-free.

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Presto Purse

Pesto Purse insert organizer

The Presto Purse Insert Organizer organizes all of your items that you carry in your purse and fits into any medium to large size purse. It has over 20 compartments.

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About Us

Our unique and innovative products are sold worldwide. Many of you have seen our products on TV, in gift catalogs, magazines, on the net, and in the retail stores. Some of our products are showcased for you here on-line. Please let us know your comments.

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Our Happy Customers

“The Pest-A-Repel really works. I knew I needed one when others told me they had watched mice avoiding the one classroom that had a pest-a-repel installed. Since installing my own, I haven’t seem any mice or their evidence. 
L. H. R from New York
NO spiders, NO roaches, NO mice— ANYTHING in the house! Thank you very much!”
Bruce R from Arizona
“We have been using your electronic pest control product for 6 months now and we have not seen anymore mice. My husband noticed that the spiders were gone as well, Thank you. Just bought 2 more for our sons home.”
Michelle H from Florida
“Hi! I’ve had great success with these. Now I’ve given so many away to deserving friends with rodent problems, I have to replenish my inventory. Thanks for a great product! These items are the answer!”
Rob D from Illinois
“I ordered 2 of the DX-610 pest repellers for my grandparents home and they work great. Now that I have my own home, I am now purchasing 2 for myself. Thanks M.S. Global for this great product!”
Desiree S from California

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