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The DX610 Electronic Pest Repeller is great for getting rid of mice, rats, other rodents, roaches, and spiders. It has been a customer favorite for years!

The Presto Purse Insert Organizer is another customer favorite. It has over 20 pockets to keep all of your items organized. US patented design splits to make 2 organizer inserts.

The Mini Doctor is always a customer favorite and one of mine. It is great for getting rid of aches and pains the natural way. TRY IT!

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    • MORE EFFECTIVE than single sound output products
    • Powerful sound technology 40 – 45K Hz frequency
    • 100% SAFE around people, pets, and all electronics
    • Available in 110 V (USA) and 220 V (International)
    • Automatically changes sound, frequency, and pulse sequences
    • PLUGS into any electrical outlet (house, RV, or business)
    • SNAPS CLOSED for security. Keeps items in place.
    • Spacious 9″ L x 7″ H (Each Side). You get TWO organizers in one joined by Velcro
    • Slips IN/OUT of your medium to large size bags in 5 seconds!
    • OVER 20 handy pockets plus TWO LARGE open sections
    • Protects Your Valuable Purses From Wear and Tear & Spills
    • RUGGED, Long Lasting, and Washable - Only 5.5 Oz
  • Natural Pain Relief - Low Back Pain, Joint Pain, and Sore Muscles 

    • Natural Pain Relief - Perfect on BACK PAIN, and Sore Muscles
    • Used by Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Orthopedics
    • Customers include Massage Therapists, Medical Clinics, Various Hospital Departments
    • Great for Golfers, Tennis Players, All Active SPORTS
    • Keep one on your keychain, night stand, car glove compartment
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    Try the different acupressure points to relieve Headaches, stop Hiccups, help you get to sleep Insomnia. MIGRAINES:  Try these 4 acupressure points on your face to ease migraines. STRESS & TENSION: Learn over 8 acupressure points on your body to help you relax . DEPRESSION: Try this 1 acupressure point on your stomach that can tame your blues. CONSTIPATION: 1 acupressure spot on your big toe can relieve constipation. HEARTBURN: 1 acupressure point on your arm can ease the burn. SHOULDER PAIN: 2 spots on the back of the leg calms the pain. KNEE PAIN: 1 spot on the knee kills the pain. This Special Acupressure Guide to Self Care can be used by itself by applying the acupressure techniques taught in this special digital downloadable guide or used in conjunction with our MINI DOCTOR™ product (sold separately).
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