Get Rid of rats, mice, spiders, roaches, and other common pests.

DX610 Electronic Pest Repeller

“Shortly after plugging in your DX610 repeller the mice  were gone. No spiders either —ANYTHING in the house! “ Heather M from Texas

DX610 Pest-A-Repel Product Highlights

  • Advanced State of the Art Technology
  • Easy to use electronic pest repeller plugin
  • 100% safe around people and your family pets
  • Comes in two models…110 V (USA) and 220 V (International)
  • Auto changing sounds, high frequency and pulse sequences
  • MORE EFFECTIVE than single sound output products

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DX610 Electronic Pest Repeller

The DX610 electronic pest repeller uses sound and state of the art technology to get rid of rodents like rats and mice from your home or business. We all know how unhealthy, and potentially dangerous, a rat/mice infestation can be. They create an unhygienic environment that can become a breeding ground for all sorts of harmful diseases, viruses, and bacteria. Once you first hear or see signs of mice or rats in your home, it is critical that you act quickly to drive then out before they begin nesting.

DX610 Electronic Pest Repeller — NEW Wave of Technology

The DX610 electronic pest repeller is a new wave of technology that works by transmitting a powerful range of ultrasonic sound waves in the 40 – 45 K Hz range to quickly repel rodents and other common pests from your home without the use of toxic chemicals or dangerous traps.

You may have tried products like repellent sprays, ropes, powders, and traps in the past. The problem with these methods are:

  • They only work in the immediate or exact area where they are used
  • Chemical sprays and powders can be toxic. It is never a good idea to use them around pets or children
  • You still need to pick up the rodents and clean everything up when done

More Humane Method of Rodent Control

Electronic pest repeller devices are a far more humane method of getting rid of mice or rats. Rather than killing the rodents (and risking the chance that the rodent crawls back into the wall and dies … the smell can last for months), they are just forced to leave the areas where the ultrasonic waves are present. The DX610 is designed for indoor use, and is currently being used around the world to help protect homes, factories, storage facilities, restaurants, businesses, hotels, schools, and many other locations from these unwanted pests.

Pest Repeller AUTO Adjusting Sound Waves

  • Our electronic pest repeller device is engineered to auto adjust its sound waves at an optimal level.
  • This key feature makes it more dificult for the rodents to become accustomed to the waves.
  • Or develop a resistance to it like they can from the cheaper single sound output units.
  • The auto changing waves from our electronic pest repeller attacks the nervous system of the rodents, and forces them to withdraw from their hiding areas to find a less stressful environment.

Use in your RV, Barn, Home, Business … Anywhere you have pests.

The DX610 Pest-A-Repel electronic pest repeller plugs into any power outlet and covers up to 2500 square feet per floor. Areas like your basement, garage, and attic, are prime hiding places for these critters, so we recommend placing units in these areas as well.

Our patented electronic mouse repeller is the best solution for your home or business to get rid of a current rat or mouse problem and KEEP YOU PEST FREE! Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section for additional information about the DX610 Pest-A-Repel.

Deter Pests Anywhere

storage shed-dx610Storage Shed

Use the DX610 rodent repeller in your Horse barn to keep rodents from nestingBarn

Keep rodents out of your kitchen with the DX610 rodent repellerKitchen

Keep mice out of your bedroom with the DX610 Pest-A-RepelBed Room

Living RoomLiving Room

Other Uses for DX610

  • Garage – Protect your cars wiring
  • College Dorm Room or Apartment
  • Your Office or Business
  • Vacation Home or Rental Properties
  • Attic, Kitchen, Bedroom, Basement, Garage

elec-pest-controller MULTI Directional Internal Speaker Better Sound Bounce and Effectiveness 

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Customer Comments

My neighbor told me about your DX610 mouse repeller (his brother apparently told him about it). Just a note of thanks to let you know that it totally got rid of my mouse problem too. It Works! I have been telling others about it as well. I’m a HAPPY customer!..
Pam A  from New York

I got these because my hubby keeps the garage door open and the little critter kept coming in and setting up shop. We have one in the garage and one in the house by the garage door.  So far (1 year) they have kept the unwanted guest out of the house..
Inge B from Missouri

After plugging in the DXs, there were no critters to be found, and no mice droppings either. No tell-tale scurrying of little feet in the walls. And no pill bugs – which we had grown accustomed to watching walking across the floor, before. I’ve just bought a few more DX610’s, because we gave our old ones to someone else that has (had) mice problems. Once you’ve had a mice infestation, and then cured it with the DX610 you don’t want to go back to life without the plug-ins. Thank you again for making them available! You have a life-time customer here…
Sandy from California